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To be or not to be... in couples therapy.

Updated: Feb 23

The chances are that by the time you made the decision to come to couples therapy, you have had your fair share of fights, yelling matches or hurtful comments. You are wondering if your relationship is worth fighting for. Know that just the fact that you considered couples therapy means that you aren't giving up. You are asking for help and doing that is refusing to give up. So, congratulations. I am aware of how hard that first step is because I have been there myself. It takes a lot of strength to say "stop" and to say out loud that you want something different. In fact, maybe you NEED it.

Your relationship needs it to survive because you're at a crossroads. It is a big go-no go moment and I recognize the emotional effort you put in to reach out. Nobody really wants to find themselves in couples therapy. You don't date or get married with the goal and cool vision of looking for a therapist down the road. I get that it wasn't on your mood board. And yet, here we are. I am in it with you now and will try my best to help you reconnect, work through issues, uncover new insights, gain a new perspective and realign your relationship. We will be a team.

I will not just sit there and watch you attack each other like the Awkward Puppets do here. But know that however daunting the prospect of couples therapy may sound now, there are still funny, ironic and even burst-out laughing moments. I've seen it!

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