I am an Associate Marriage and Family Therapist with an MA in Clinical Counseling. I also have a Master’s degree in Journalism which I received in the Czech Republic where I'm from. This knowledge helps me ask the right questions at the right time and sift through information in order to get to the deep-rooted issues.

I speak three languages and understand the need to tailor therapy based on cultural backgrounds. My experience as an immigrant helps me empathize with client’s life challenges, and my early parental and spousal losses enable me to connect with others in mourning.  

I have been in couples therapy myself and I can understand how big of a step it is for you to reach out for help. It means that you refused to give up. I am in the business of hope and will do my best to turn that hope into tangible progress for you and your partner. 

I welcome humor, sarcasm and irreverent communication in sessions if that helps you feel relief or experience a deeper connection.