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Do you and your partner need healthier communication? Would you like to be finally seen and heard? Are you wondering if your relationship can be repaired? I help romantic partners create a mutual understanding in couples counseling.            

Need a highly specialized approach to help with your relationship? I work exclusively with couples. Don't settle for a therapist who "also" sees couples on the side, especially if you are noticing resentment building up.  

The couples I work with stop ineffective communication patterns, heal their emotional wounds and navigate mismatched values & desires. Couples move from being adversaries to finally being back on the same team again, as the strong unit they were meant to be. Feeling like teammates helps couples face any challenges and problems from a resilient position. 


My job in marriage therapy or couples counseling is to help you achieve that "us versus them" feeling that will carry you both forward on your own after you don't need my sessions anymore. I want you to be able to learn, adapt and apply everything we talk about in sessions and keep running with it. I want you to learn how to "fish."​

I'm a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in California providing couples therapy for CA residents. I offer couples coaching to clients residing outside of CA. ​


Adela Stone Couples Therapy. 

Work On Your Relationship With Me 

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Are your styles of conflict different? Some partners fight a lot while some try to avoid conflict completely. This can lead to you both feeling anxious and stuck without ever resolving anything. 

Are you fighting over the ways you each show or don't want to show affection and intimacy? This can stem from our upbringing and the patterns we learned and saw when we were little. 

Maybe you barely have sex anymore even though that used to be a big part of your relationship. You might be mourning the way things used to be and wondering what went wrong. Does my partner not want me anymore? Will this only keep getting worse? 

Are you starting to worry that the two of you have mismatched values and are growing apart? 

Or, did you just find out that your partner is neurodivergent, leaving you confused and wondering if your marriage can thrive in a way that doesn't end up in emotional abandonment and resentment? 

Whatever the struggle may be, I can help you heal those emotional wounds. You will become a more emotionally intelligent couple who is better able to understand, honor and respect each other and the relationship. You will be able to help yourselves after you are done with therapy. You will have the insight, the compassion and the tools necessary to maintain the positive changes and keep the momentum going. 

The likelihood of getting divorced is so high that it makes sense for all married couples to invest into making their marriages stronger before contempt for one another sets in too deep. Your marriage or your partnership are one of the most important relationships you will have in your life. Keeping it flourishing and satisfying thanks to therapy is one of those rare investments that don't depreciate in value. What you learn about yourself and your partner will never be taken away from you. 

Even a relationship built on good foundations can fail when partners start taking each other for granted. Please know that better communication techniques alone will not save your partnership. They may alleviate some stress. But understanding the core difference that is causing the conflict between you, making necessary changes and then learning how to live with the remaining differences in a respectful and honorable manner is a more sustainable approach. 


Contact me

I offer video sessions ONLY. 

Reach out via email or fill out the form so we can then schedule a free, no-obligations-whatsoever 20 min consultation on zoom where we meet and see what your main struggles are, what you would most like to change, and where I'll give you an overview of how I envision you and your partner getting to that new, healthier place that you both deserve. 

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My Best Uses As A Couples Therapist 

Get back on track and build a stronger, more positive partnership.


Feel like your relationship is caught in a loop of constant misunderstandings and clashes? You might find yourself wishing for more harmony and peace.

What of yourself do you see in your partner? Or, what of yourself do you need to see in your partner in order to stay in the relationship? 


We can unravel the complexities of values mismatch, turning points of tension into avenues of understanding. Looking deeply at your beliefs and philosophies about life is necessary for finding out if there is enough overlap between your values in a way that doesn't lead to chronic destruction of your wellbeing. 

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Are past wounds, trust issues, or emotional scars casting a shadow on your relationship? Do you notice you're stuck in a cycle of pain you just can't seem to get out of? I've witnessed that kind of deep pain many times. Your relationship might've suffered an attachment injury. 


I can guide you through the process of healing attachment injuries, providing a healthy haven to address and overcome the emotional hurdles standing in your way. Unpack the emotional baggage, rebuild trust, and create a relationship that's not just surviving but thriving.


Did you just recently find out you or your partner are neurodivergent? Or are suspecting as much? It's natural to have a lot of questions about what this means about the future of your relationship now that the traits you have both been noticing are finally adding up. 


Neurology matters and I recognize that in the case of a neurodivergent couple, it is important to view a partnership through this lens as opposed to focusing only external conflicts.

The neurodivergent person will remain neurodivergent. But that doesn't mean that the relationship is doomed. Neurodivergent relationships are not uncommon anymore. You are not alone and you are not crazy. 

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Has it been difficult to talk to each other about intimacy in a way that makes you both feel safe and heard? Has it felt impossible to express your sexual and intimacy needs? Do you struggle with knowing how to appropriately react to your partner's requests without feeling offended or turned off? 

If you're worried about passion fading or your sexual preferences being misaligned, I can help support you on the journey towards a better, more enjoyable intimate life, and come out of this experience as a united, resilient couple.

Helping clients all over the U.S. via video sessions

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